World in Divine



I am a human being, part of this universe.

I’m surrounded by the stars and planets

left there on my continent to drift away from Pangaea.

floating  afar my familiar world

Where everyone knows everyone and trusted that no matter how far away they went we were still held in orbit by gravity.

I could have taken form of a raindrop, withered leaf, ray of sunlight, the shadow behind a tree, a golden whisper chattering among the wind, moonlight that got left behind by the day

I am a human being with five senses

here to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch

all the same survival instincts as all animals

But living for the world’s reality and the unexplored lands of dreams

I am a human being, part of my family

part of this community,  this region

I am a human being,

part of this continent, our Earth.

I’m a human being, part of my thoughts, my soul, my feelings, my presence.

Part of my existence, my beliefs.

My thoughts, myself, my heart.

I am a human being,

part of everything that we are

from the heartbeat of this land that you stand on,

and this world that we will evolve in through time.



-Power of a wish


Best Friend


Innocent, loving eyes carrying the meaning of life within.

I watch his golden hair fly through the wind as he frolics beside me

loyal and caring

His little sneezes when he gets way too excited to greet completely new strangers

His tail whipping everything in its way.

Panting, chasing, sniffing, chewing, digging, belly rubbing, paw, licking, smiling

There are so many things that we can learn from innocent creatures.

He teaches me that one should always look for the best in people

and try to be everyone’s friend.

He shows me that even when one cannot fulfill all of their dreams, just dreaming about them will make you happy.

Giving a paw can change the world.

When he gives me his fluffy, chubby, rough, paw, my whole world become a little bit brighter.

because I know that I always have a friend who cares for me and I won’t ever be alone.

I love him because he loves life for every moment.

In the sunlight, his beautiful eyes light up and smile as his floppy tongue hangs out of his mouth.

The ones that make us happy are the ones who don’t try to be someone who they’re not.

His puppy beard dripping right after he drinks water

and when he shows his tiny white teeth to us as we try to make him walk over to his bed to sleep

Hi mischievous personality making me smile when he refuses to listen

His one ear flopped backward after he wiggles

All these puzzle pieces of him fit together, each one showing us that even though he isn’t perfect

We still love all pieces of him.

The most unexpected ones in our lives can teach all about how to live life

and cherish every moment.

The Whispers of Life- An Open Letter to those who care


How will we see the world through these same eyes in a hundred years? If we keep moving along in the same pace we are going, how will the world be in the future? Maybe there would be different minds that all think the same thoughts. The world would be so quickly racing that people would feel like a raft in the wide open sea, alone and wrapped up in their own ocean. One won’t seem to grasp every second and live in it, before another is wasted mindlessly and times slips away into the past.

We will just be tiny fractions of history of time, whom the future generations would not care to think about. They might just gaze past our names and not ever try to ponder about life. If their minds truly were absorbed somewhere in some time, and they won’t be able to feel, to love, to laugh, to cry, then they would continue to isolate themselves. They would never be able to find their happiness in simply the simple things in life. A warm hug, the sunny blue sky, or a whole hearted smile.

When you see a true friend or someone who is very important to you happy, does it make you smile? If that does make you happy in your heart to see others happy, this is a sign that you have a loving, kind heart. It’s the people like you who will make the world a better place. If maybe that wasn’t true for you, remember that others still want you to be happy and they love and care about you. Even when you feel alone, remember that the majority of the world is filled with kind people and that you will never, ever be truly lonely.

It’s time for us to join hands and make our actions now reflect the future in a beautiful way. We need to stand by each other and pass on all our morals to others, so that our world can only become filled with more positive light. And when we come across those that may not agree, what we need to do is show them how to love. How to laugh. How to care. And maybe then, they will have kinder hearts. Everyone has different life experiences that shape us into who we are, but one thing we all have in common is that we all know how to love. We can help others find true happiness which generates from within, like a spark of light ignited from those who care about us. We are all one big family living in our world. As humans, we all make mistakes. But we need to learn how to be forgiving people. The only way we will truly be remembered by others is by caring about them. Show others that everyone deserves to smile, to laugh with no hesitation, to sing without caring about how we sound. We all see through the same two eyes and live life through the same feelings- we are all part of the same mirror shattered into billions of pieces, and eventually we will all find our way back to each other.

We have come so far in this world and there are so many kind hearts everywhere around us. I still believe that we can be loving human beings until the end of our existence. I believe that no matter how advanced the world becomes, how fast paced we move, how less time we have to share our true feelings, we as people will never lose our hearts. We won’t ever stop loving or crying, or smiling even when we are sad. Because I have faith that all of us can pass on our diverse values and continue to grow together as people. All of us have a different role in the lives of others, which make each one of our life experiences unique. The best we can do in our lives is smile together forever.




Image result for shattered glassShards of sight piercing the boundary of isolation.

Broken and shattered beyond repair

misleading the thoughts of those who care.

They lead me into a world where I see only through a hue of rage

Ripping the sky of its blue freedom thinking they will suffer

but caging myself in a lie.

Beating up the world while only I receive the scars

After I beat myself up so many times for hurting those that I love

I can never heal until I forgive myself.



Seeing only what I can see


the sounds that mock me in my sleep and invade my dreams


Of my heart to the rhythm of the words of a wild mind


My home does to those with my same fate


For a soul to hold my hand


From the world and whatever is left for me


Until all that is left for me is shattered vision

which refuses to see light

only the shadows.

Where my words I speak have no meaning.

When all the sounds I hear and the feelings I feel are just a part of surviving,

hunting for necessities

Nothing more.

Leaving my soul behind, hysterical at the creature I am now.


And then.


Catching Light Rays



The monarchs sail through the rivers of time, rising over the horizon. Flitter, flutter. Strong and beautiful. Floating like a cloud of vibrancy, yearning their journey’s peace. I see them flicker altogether as if they are tiny kites set free. I stand within their flock, while they drift past me like leaves of autumn. They drift up the mountains into the sky and when they pass me, I can only send my hope with them. The fire of leaves scurry past the clouds, fluttering souls of each they pass. A leader resting in each of their vivacious hearts, unifying to lead the path. Instead of the wind, I feel the butter beating of their wings tickling my hair. Never leaving each other behind. Even through the hollow air, they escape before their hearts abandon their frail bodies, only to make their last journey last forever. Their spirit of innocence, despite knowing they might never return. I see them every year, rising the ribbon of truth, proving that they can show us more. Each one a morsel in this universe, but together they hold hands. In the last moment when they finally realize that this is their forever most final time as themselves, they dream maybe next time they will have bigger wings to soar higher. They mock me with their tiny hearts, beating me with a smile on my face. Everlasting radiance even when they are gone- only we are fully aware that tomorrow may never arrive. Monarchs simply enjoy and savor and cherish their last moment. They gaze at the sunlight, gathering around as they close their eyes, letting the warmth burn their eyelids. Before they lay down and spread their wings to surrender they do their job that they travelled so far for. They lay the next generation of children. They will do the same thing again and again, always rising up with smiles on their faces. Monarchs. Hearts beating. Spirits of hope. They flutter into my heart where they can live there forever and inspire me to fly with them. Rise over the world and peer into the hearts. Flicker into my soul.

Eyes of Faith


My wishes were never heard, no matter how much I yearned to be free from the hands of sorrow. I need to search for a different place, one where I can let go.

I look into those eyes one last time, which hold all of the world’s memories.

They harden as I speak the poisonous words

but grow tender as I step farther away.

 There resides a flicker in the eyes each time they blink

hoping that I listen before I vanish to beyond. They say,

I wish that you will not forget the moon that used to tickle the night sea with streaks of white, sending light even to the creatures that lurked beneath.   

The eyes flashed a memory of the midnight

how pitch black and still the sight was,

how rapid the sounds were of the creatures living in a lullaby.

I wish that you remember the delicate fluttering of the butterflies’ wings,

I see in the eyes.

A vision appears, a butter yellow glimpse, a piece of the golden sun,

flickering to the glowing blossoms.

Then I remember

how I used to catch the fireflies in my hands in the cool summer dusk,

their way of thanking me for setting them free by blinking their radiance.

I ask the eyes,

Will your wishes come true?

A long, delicate pause and then they say,

Yes. In my eyes they will come true. My faith will grant my wishes I have for you.

I take in the words of the eyes, looking back into my own.

Their last words are

 I wish that you don’t leave me behind.

I smile at them and they do the same,

pure tranquility matching my own.

I step away from the reflection of my eyes

and see a new ray of vivacious color as I venture into the beyond.

Power of a wish

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