Catching Light Rays



The monarchs sail through the rivers of time, rising over the horizon. Flitter, flutter. Strong and beautiful. Floating like a cloud of vibrancy, yearning their journey’s peace. I see them flicker altogether as if they are tiny kites set free. I stand within their flock, while they drift past me like leaves of autumn. They drift up the mountains into the sky and when they pass me, I can only send my hope with them. The fire of leaves scurry past the clouds, fluttering souls of each they pass. A leader resting in each of their vivacious hearts, unifying to lead the path. Instead of the wind, I feel the butter beating of their wings tickling my hair. Never leaving each other behind. Even through the hollow air, they escape before their hearts abandon their frail bodies, only to make their last journey last forever. Their spirit of innocence, despite knowing they might never return. I see them every year, rising the ribbon of truth, proving that they can show us more. Each one a morsel in this universe, but together they hold hands. In the last moment when they finally realize that this is their forever most final time as themselves, they dream maybe next time they will have bigger wings to soar higher. They mock me with their tiny hearts, beating me with a smile on my face. Everlasting radiance even when they are gone- only we are fully aware that tomorrow may never arrive. Monarchs simply enjoy and savor and cherish their last moment. They gaze at the sunlight, gathering around as they close their eyes, letting the warmth burn their eyelids. Before they lay down and spread their wings to surrender they do their job that they travelled so far for. They lay the next generation of children. They will do the same thing again and again, always rising up with smiles on their faces. Monarchs. Hearts beating. Spirits of hope. They flutter into my heart where they can live there forever and inspire me to fly with them. Rise over the world and peer into the hearts. Flicker into my soul.


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