The Whispers of Life- An Open Letter to those who care


How will we see the world through these same eyes in a hundred years? If we keep moving along in the same pace we are going, how will the world be in the future? Maybe there would be different minds that all think the same thoughts. The world would be so quickly racing that people would feel like a raft in the wide open sea, alone and wrapped up in their own ocean. One won’t seem to grasp every second and live in it, before another is wasted mindlessly and times slips away into the past.

We will just be tiny fractions of history of time, whom the future generations would not care to think about. They might just gaze past our names and not ever try to ponder about life. If their minds truly were absorbed somewhere in some time, and they won’t be able to feel, to love, to laugh, to cry, then they would continue to isolate themselves. They would never be able to find their happiness in simply the simple things in life. A warm hug, the sunny blue sky, or a whole hearted smile.

When you see a true friend or someone who is very important to you happy, does it make you smile? If that does make you happy in your heart to see others happy, this is a sign that you have a loving, kind heart. It’s the people like you who will make the world a better place. If maybe that wasn’t true for you, remember that others still want you to be happy and they love and care about you. Even when you feel alone, remember that the majority of the world is filled with kind people and that you will never, ever be truly lonely.

It’s time for us to join hands and make our actions now reflect the future in a beautiful way. We need to stand by each other and pass on all our morals to others, so that our world can only become filled with more positive light. And when we come across those that may not agree, what we need to do is show them how to love. How to laugh. How to care. And maybe then, they will have kinder hearts. Everyone has different life experiences that shape us into who we are, but one thing we all have in common is that we all know how to love. We can help others find true happiness which generates from within, like a spark of light ignited from those who care about us. We are all one big family living in our world. As humans, we all make mistakes. But we need to learn how to be forgiving people. The only way we will truly be remembered by others is by caring about them. Show others that everyone deserves to smile, to laugh with no hesitation, to sing without caring about how we sound. We all see through the same two eyes and live life through the same feelings- we are all part of the same mirror shattered into billions of pieces, and eventually we will all find our way back to each other.

We have come so far in this world and there are so many kind hearts everywhere around us. I still believe that we can be loving human beings until the end of our existence. I believe that no matter how advanced the world becomes, how fast paced we move, how less time we have to share our true feelings, we as people will never lose our hearts. We won’t ever stop loving or crying, or smiling even when we are sad. Because I have faith that all of us can pass on our diverse values and continue to grow together as people. All of us have a different role in the lives of others, which make each one of our life experiences unique. The best we can do in our lives is smile together forever.



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