Best Friend


Innocent, loving eyes carrying the meaning of life within.

I watch his golden hair fly through the wind as he frolics beside me

loyal and caring

His little sneezes when he gets way too excited to greet completely new strangers

His tail whipping everything in its way.

Panting, chasing, sniffing, chewing, digging, belly rubbing, paw, licking, smiling

There are so many things that we can learn from innocent creatures.

He teaches me that one should always look for the best in people

and try to be everyone’s friend.

He shows me that even when one cannot fulfill all of their dreams, just dreaming about them will make you happy.

Giving a paw can change the world.

When he gives me his fluffy, chubby, rough, paw, my whole world become a little bit brighter.

because I know that I always have a friend who cares for me and I won’t ever be alone.

I love him because he loves life for every moment.

In the sunlight, his beautiful eyes light up and smile as his floppy tongue hangs out of his mouth.

The ones that make us happy are the ones who don’t try to be someone who they’re not.

His puppy beard dripping right after he drinks water

and when he shows his tiny white teeth to us as we try to make him walk over to his bed to sleep

Hi mischievous personality making me smile when he refuses to listen

His one ear flopped backward after he wiggles

All these puzzle pieces of him fit together, each one showing us that even though he isn’t perfect

We still love all pieces of him.

The most unexpected ones in our lives can teach all about how to live life

and cherish every moment.


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  1. Dedicated to my loving doggy 🙂


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